Monolithic electronic circuits based on epitaxial graphene

Monolithic electronic circuits based on epitaxial graphene

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Projektstart: 12/01/13
Projektende: 12/01/16
Mittelgeber: DFG-Einzelförderung / Sachbeihilfe (EIN-SBH)


We propose a concept to build electronic devices and circuits employing the material system "epitaxial graphene on SiC". This material system consists of graphene, silicon carbide, and the epitaxially defined interface in between. We have already demonstrated the functionality of a single transistor that used the semiconductor as channel and consequently displayed excellent on/off ratios, in contrast to pure graphene transistors. Moreover, the usage of graphene as contact material delivers superior ohmic contacts compared to state-of-the-art metal contacts to SiC. We see a way to establish electrical circuits using this transistor principle, which may be used as switches, analog circuits, and digital circuits, up to a full logic. Metallic interconnects are not required. These devices are simple to fabricate and may operate side-by-side on the same chip to existing concepts like graphene 100 GHz amplification and SiC power transistors. Due to favorable material properties, these circuits are expected to operate at elevated temperatures and at high frequencies and may provide access to novel applications and experiments. Graphene contacts are also well suited to shed new light on the Schottky interface in SiC because it allows for access to pinholes etc. from the top using local probes. Moreover, the system follows a very unusual design principle, in which the patterned two-dimensional material layer defines the properties of the entire system. We anticipate that the presented concept serves as a blueprint for further electronic circuits employing two-dimensional materials.