Magnetic States in Double Metal Ion Single-Molecule Junctions

Magnetic States in Double Metal Ion Single-Molecule Junctions

(Drittmittelfinanzierte Gruppenförderung – Teilprojekt)

Titel des Gesamtprojektes: SPP 1243: Quantum transport at the molecular scale
Projektstart: 07/01/06
Projektende: 11/30/12
Mittelgeber: DFG / Schwerpunktprogramm (SPP)


We perform single-molecule junction experiments. Our long-term goal is to understand and control charge transport across molecules. As a first step (first two years) within the priority program we will focus on methodological improvements. In this project we want to control charge states in single-molecule junctions. We will approach this goal by two means: First, we will redesign the experimental setup such that an electrostatic gate is available. Second, we will design and synthesize molecules, which provide a well-defined charge state, accessible by finite voltages in a two terminal experiment. We expect an interplay of electrostatic effects driven by asymmetric bias voltage, and by the gate voltage. The starting parameters have to be carefully tuned by a suitable choice of the molecule. We are further interested in the question how the variation of the charge state is associated with changes in the geometry of the molecule.